Norman Easy  369th

John Cope  42 Div Hq

Jim Sottile   4/258 FA / 105th FA

SGM Peter Volberg  42 Hq

Bill Trainer

Richard Tisch

Leo White

Frank Intini


Upon a member’s death, the spouse, eldest child or responsible relative contact the funeral home director ASAP (prior to the wake if possible) and insure that they contact the appropriate Honor Guard unit. Fill out DMNA Form 86 and fax it with a copy of the member’s DD214 or NGB22, so the unit can assign the honor guard.  As much notification time as possible is preferred, but an honor guard, will function within 24 hrs. of notification. 


This link provides additional information and a copy of

  DMNA form 86  http://dmna.ny.gov/honor/honor_info.php