Minutes 8 November 2017   


The NOV 8th, 2017 meeting was called to order by VP/Chairman William Vorlicek at 6:45 PM.

The Pledge to the Flag was led by Fred Schlagel, Vice Chair adding a moment of silence for our fallen fellow soldiers and POWs. Nick Rinaldo offered the Invocation.

A motion was made by Pat Alesia and seconded by Joseph Borelli to accept the Secretaries Minutes of the September meeting as published. Hank Zalak gave the Treasurer’s Report indicating we had a balance of $4,983.50. Sunshine – Charles Fleischer reported that Kevin Daley,242 Sig Bn, Passed away 1 Nov. It was Also reported that John Spavins and Ricky Rhodes were ill and could not be here tonight.

Bill reminded us all that the Annual Luncheon is Saturday November 18th at 12 noon at Verdi’s Whitestone. He also announced that there will be a wreath laying ceremony at the WWI Memorial on Friday in Garden City and it would be great if we had a good size delegation present. We only got the news last week that it was going to happen.

Bob Anderson, Secretary then announced that on January 1st 2018, dues for 2018 are due and payable. There only about 14 people who pay annual dues on our roster, all the rest are Life Members. If you are up there in age, check the costs you, may save some money becoming a Life member. Bob also mentioned that we will be publishing a small newsletter named “The Minuteman” twice a year just to send out important info and reminders.

Joe Borelli and Sam Mantilla were tapped to tell us about what they have been doing since they left the 42d and what they are doing now. They each gave a 2 Minute recap.

We had 9 winners of free meals tonight; J. Stein, J. Whalen, R. Dikeman, G. Hyer, M.Guglielmo,D. Morelli, A. Leider,J. Borelli, F. Sasiadek.

Barry Ringelheim gave a brief report on project that Elvera Roussel is sponsoring ang producing about and for children from the Vietnamese War. He had handouts to read about the project and where to call if you were interested.

Bill then wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year, safe home and adjourned the meeting. Dessert and coffee was served.

Benediction – was given by Nick Rinaldo 8:55PM,

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Anderson, Secy

Meetings 2018- Wed Mar 21, Wed Jun 20, Wed Sep 19, Wed Nov 7- (6PM King Umbertos, Elmont, NY)




CHAIRPERSON            William Vorlicek
TREASURER                Henry Zalak
SECRETARY                Robert Anderson
NEXT MEETING -  21 March 2018
                            - 1800 Cocktail Hr 1900 Meeting  $40/Cash Bar

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                                20 June 2018
                                19 September 2018
                                  7 November 2018

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